Our fee is 3% of the final agreed purchase price, with a minimum charge of € 4.000,00 euros.
These fees shall become due upon exchange of contracts, the compromesso.

What help and assistance is included with our fees?

  • opening a bank account 
  • obtaining your Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale). This is essential to anyone buying a property.
  • Accompany clients to all viewings, providing advice, assistance and translating, we are fluent in English and Italian.
  • The negotiation and submission of offers on your behalf.
  • Instruct a lawyer to carry out checks against the interested property & land, for debts or mortgages.
  • Advice, guidance and help with all stages to the completion, to include of all necessary documentation and paperwork.This includes the following: liaising with Lawyers, Geometers and a notary on your behalf, making sure the process is as swift as possible.
  • Arrange for a Geometra to carry out an initial survey, or the change the destination of the property, to save on taxes paid at the completion stage.
  • All the above professional fees (lawyer, notary, geometer etc) are payable by the purchaser.
  • Keep you informed throughout the progress of your purchase until completion.

NB: Translation and interpreting costs are included throughout the sale and up to the time of completion (il Rogito), with exception of all legal documents.

All other services or professionals fees, including any government taxes, fees or surveys must be paid by the purchasing party.

Additional services -post purchase assistance, translating and advice:

  • Obtaining your residency.
  • Obtain an Identity card, whilst declaring your residency in the local Comune.
  • To register with a doctor and obtain a N.H.S/Medical Card.
  • Applications for the main utilities including Electricity, water, gas and telephone.
  • Meeting clients needs with a tailor-made service.

Further more we can also assist:

  • Project management for the restoration project
  • Introduce you to local builders, geometers, architects, electricians, plumbers and technicians.
  • Obtain building estimates.
  • Oversee the restoration work and send you photographic reports.
  • Translation and interpreting.
  • Assistance with any further purchase.
  • Advice on marking of land boundaries.
  • Earth moving and landscaping work.
  • Swimming pool installation.
  • Introduce you to Farmers - should you wish to rent your land.
  • Introduce you to a Farming Co's who can give advice - should you wish to work your land.
  • Provide a list of where to obtain building materials.

We can assist you in many ways, from where to shop to arranging household insurance.